Buckle from woman’s beltDescription: Buckle from woman’s belt, Ohrid 19th century
Product ID: BJ015
Dimension: 33 cm x 31 cm / 12.9 inches x 12.2 inches / Framed /
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Product of Avers®, inspired by original Buckle from Ohrid
Read more: Buckles with clips, beautiful metal ornaments for the belt. Silversmith’s work, one of the most appreciated parts of The Bridal Wear. Jewelry has a special place in Macedonian folklore art. It is considered as the most decorative and inseparable part of the traditional costumes alongside the embroidery. The jewelry is made of various substances (gold, silver, bronze, copper), and with different techniques (filigree, gravure, molding). The jewelry has various forms, many decorations and is harmonized with the costumes. Macedonian jewelry can be found in the well known filigree centers in Bitola, Ohrid, Struga, Skopje, from where the hand-made objects are distributed throughout the country.

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