Ancient Macedonian shield with 16 ray sun symbolDescription: Shield With Macedonian Ancient Symbol
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Dimension: 28 cm x 28 cm / 11 inches x 11 inches / Framed /
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Product of Avers®, inspired by original Ancient Macedonian Shield
Read more: Macedonian shield designs generally incorporated the 8 or 16 pointed star and sometimes crescent shapes arranged symmetrically around the shield. The Macedonian shield was used as a symbol of ethnic identity and pride. The sun was national and dynastic emblem of Macedonian Royal Family and has been carried on by Alexander’s successors. But the symbol itself has been used in Macedonia long time before. In its original shape (an eight – ray star with particles between the rays), this symbol has already been discovered in the Belasica mountain and is estimated to be 10 000 years old (the current Macedonian flag has an application of the very same engraved stone with a millennium long tradition).

Around 100 000 samples with engraved sun have been discovered so far

macedonian shield

rubber stamp govrlevo 1500 years B.C

wine tumbler Samoil Fortress


The sun is the main characteristic of all Macedonian Shields, whether in exact form or stylish. The Macedonian
Sun is undoubtedly the oldest symbol in the world that still survives as cultural symbol of the Macedonians.

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